We all love sunshine, and it's medically proven to boost mental health and wellbeing. We took this into serious consideration when designing our homes for you. We wanted to ensure an ideal degree of exposure to sunlight. To do this, we created a sunlight map, overlaid that with 3D topographical data of the space and calculated actual sunlight exposure for each window. The results are houses that are perfectly aligned with the sun.


For each room, we designed the location and size of windows, so they would capture enough light to make the space lovely and bright. The homes and gardens are all south-facing to make the most of natural sunlight, so that even in cold winters, sunlight will still find its way into your home. In addition to this, the large windows provide uninhibited and exhilarating views of the beautifully landscaped garden spaces and surrounding natural beauty of the Brecon Beacons National Park.



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